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How To Tell When It's Spring

How To Tell When It's Spring

Honest Magazine How To Tell When It's Spring

As I write this I'm sitting in a quaint cafe, gazing into soft, muted wallpaper while a marble counter shines with macarons and perfect buckwheat madeleines, snacking on an almond croissant and sipping floral tea. The feeling of spring is all around me. 

To me, spring is many things. It's light, air, a freshness after a season that keeps the windows closed and the doors shut. It's new life and rejuvenation- ballsy buds busting through the impenetrable ground, demanding a spot in the sunshine. Tea parties and garden parties and getting things in the garden. Spring is about new life and, more than anything, it's about flowers. 

This season used to get me down. It rains here heavily in the spring, more in the mountainous area where I live than in most of the rest of the Pacific Northwest- an already rainy part of the world- but with that rains comes an all-encompassing lushness. The fertile nook we live in turns into Fern Gully (or, as some of our friends like to say, The Shire), and every drop, every soaking-wet run, every sopping wet pair of shoes and muddy day spent in the garden is worth it.

So a few thoughts, a few signs & a few things to notice, to let you know spring is here.  


Ten Signs of Spring









Spring Flowers Photograph by © Honest Magazine




Wild English Bluebells by © Honest Magazine
Foraging by © Honest Magazine




Blooming Roses by © Honest Magazine
Nettle Pasta by © Honest Magazine




Camellias by © Honest Magazine
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