The Story

At the heart of it, it's is about an honest pace of life. Rooting in nature- be it wild berries, silver-skinned salmon or beets swelling in your garden- causes us to recognize the connection we all have to our food, our earth and each other. Turning the everyday into something special reminds us of the hidden treasures all around us, and requires nothing more, than an attitude.

We learn about other cultures, ingredients, and ways of being. Taking time to knead the dough of your bread and grow your own berries for jam, stopping to consider the smalls of life, adds depth.


We explore this through numerous avenues in the magazine. Dedication to a singular theme allows us to dive headfirst into the meat of it. Large, rich images set the tone and establish an outlook. Curation, through recipes, experiments, and interviews with experts, boils the subject matter down to its essence.

Each issue is different, it’s composition dictated by its content. In the year of “A Study of Ingredients,” the concept of Time was explored through the making and baking of bread products, the differences in rise, knead and bake assigning the same four ingredients final form as a rich loaf of French Country Bread or a paper-thin Sardinian Cracker.


“Spring, a New Leaf”

In “Flora, a Study of Nature’s Buds & Blossoms,” we explore the beauty and sensuality of cooking with flowers through rosy confections and creamy lilac-sugar cakes, stopping to talk with a florist specializing in foraged arrangements along the way.

Other years are more literal, such as the “Study of Seasons,” where classic recipes and homestyle goodness wrap you in comfort. Warming autumn soups and spiced-pear holiday cake keep the season close.

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“Wild Greens & Herbs”


Alongside the concept of cooking and living slowly is the knowledge of something new. Self-sufficiency guides the year of “Living Off The Land,” with it’s introductions to foraging, preserving and cooking from your garden.

Table of Contents, Cure, Salt & Smoke, Honest Magazine

Some issues are organized around teaching you methods, such as the “Cure, Salt & Smoke” issue in the year of “Living Off The Land.” Chapters open with explanations of preservation methods, followed by recipes to put to use.

Other years focus on the feeling in the air in a certain country. In “Old World,” the spirit of a culture bleeds through the pages with proverbs, settings, and traditions.


From time to time you may find yourself looking down at a tutorial, such as “How to Build a Terrarium” or “How To Blend Tea.” Hands-on applications that circle back to the theme add a touch of fun and character.

As to the behind the scenes, Honest Magazine is created and published by Shannon Douglas. Growing up in kitchens before moving onto a career in commercial food photography shooting cookbooks and working with chefs, she began Honest Magazine as a tool to showcase her work as a photographer and to work with new challenges and themes. It proved too much fun to quit and, with some positive feedback, opened to the public as it is today.