Time, a Study of Flour, Water, Salt & Yeast

Through the changes in the time of a rise, knead and bake we come to know and understand what can take the same four ingredients and turn them into a variety of baked good across the board in the “Time, a Study of Flour, Water Salt & Yeast,” issue of Honest Magazine.

Acid, a Study of Things Sour, Zippy, Tangy & Cut

The “Acid, a Study of Things Sour, Zippy, Tangy & Cut,” explores Acid- the least familiar element of home cooks yet one of the most flavorful. Explored through both acidic reactions (making cheese, marinades), and acidic flavors (including a couple tours in middle-eastern kitchens).

Grow, Seeds & Weeds

In the “Grow, Seeds & Weeds” issue of Honest Magazine, summer is here and the market is in full swing, as are our gardens. With an abundance of bright and beautiful flavors, recipes center around summer living and enjoying the season’s generous bounty.

Eataly- Out of Stock

This issue of Honest Magazine titled “Eataly,” explores the Italian style of cooking and eating through concepts of Al Fresco, fresh ingredients, ease of preparation and vibrant color.

A Fall Feast- Out of Stock

The Fall Feast issue of Honest Magazine explores the Autumnal season through harvest recipes that warm, desserts with the end-of-summer stone fruit, a tutorial on how to build a terrarium and the signature dreamy imagery that Honest is known for.