An Idea Explored

A quarterly publication, Honest Magazine is the story of an idea explored through recipes, travel, stories, seasons, poems and life, with an aim to inspire the reader to try new things and take joy in small moments. Each year an overarching theme is announced with each seasonal issue exploring an aspect of that theme. Previous years have included SEASONS (Summer Fare, A Fall Feast, Winter Wonders, Spring: A New Leaf), OLD WORLD (Eataly, España, Nøregr: Land of the Midnight Sun, A French Affair),  LIVING OFF THE LAND (Forage: Treasures of the Forest, Sea: Bounties of the Deep, Cure: Salt & Smoke and Grow: Seeds & Weeds), with the current theme taking an abstract look at ingredients (Time: a Study of Flour, Water, Salt & Yeast, FLORA: a Study of Nature's Buds & Blossoms, SMOKE: a study of things burnt, blazed, buried & blackened, with one more to come in 2017). Honest Magazine is created and published by Food & Travel Photographer, Shannon Douglas.

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